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You can make a difference

Obanato isn't just an e-commerce platform; it's a philanthropic ecosystem where commerce and compassion converge.
Our goal is to build an online shopping network that in time will become a household name. The difference between Obanato and other online stores is that we empower you, the consumer, to make a difference in the world. For every dollar spent, you can donate 15% of the purchase price to the charity, NFP or community/social cause of your choice. It's not a separate charge, nor is it a 'round-up' of your purchase, we work with our suppliers to ensure they get a good deal while still allowing us to deliver financial help to worthwhile causes.

Thank you for your generosity

We have brought a group of driven people together to form an organisation that is both passionate about helping others, and keen to see a change in the way fundraising operates. We have called this organisation OBANATO which translates to “I exist because we exist”. The idea that, as an individual, we are part of a larger community - one cannot thrive without the other.

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